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A Unique Modeling Agency

Gorgeous Monsters is the new leader in talent discovery and model management, recognized for its diverse client roster and unique imagery. The agency’s offices are located in Columbia and Lexington SC.

On the rise  entrepreneurs Gaudy & Australia Biggs  founded Gorgeous Monsters as a new division of the quickly growing Gaudy Media Group. They believed talented but undiscovered models could be developed, nurtured, and marketed alongside the industry's best and flourish professionally.  Gaudy and Australia's conviction has led them to a rare and unique creative space that is raising the bar in the modeling and entertainment world.   

As an industry rebel, Gorgeous Monsters continues to challenge the status quo with its fresh talent and unique take on visual art and design.  There is no such thing as normal any more, just an unfiltered, high quality expression of art.  Gorgeous Monsters have arrived!

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